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Assistant Professor 
New York University
Tandon School of Engineering
Department of Technology Management and Innovation (TMI) &

Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP)


Phone: +1-773-383-3510

My research develops tools and models for analyzing large-scale human behavior data to better understand collective social dynamics during disruptions, and to improve the resilience of communities and cities to urban shocks (e.g., disasters, pandemics, and disruptive technology). My recent works have focused on modeling the resilience of complex urban sociotechnical systems to natural hazards [PNAS, Sustainable Cities and Society], human behavior analysis during and after disasters and pandemics [
CEUS, Sci. Rep.], quantifying the long-term dynamics of diversity in urban encounters in cities [Nature Communications], and geospatial AI for transferring urban dynamics across cities [ACM KDD, Nature Machine Intelligence]. My research lies in the intersections of civil engineering, computational social science, network science, and urban informatics.

Prior to joining NYU, I was a Postdoc at the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) and Media Lab mentored by Alex 'Sandy' Pentland and Esteban Moro. I received my Ph.D. from Purdue University, advised by Satish V. Ukkusuri (Civil Engineering) and Seungyoon Lee (Communication). Prior to that, I obtained my Masters and Bachelor Degrees from the University of Tokyo, advised by Yoshihide Sekimoto (Urban Informatics). I am also passionate in transforming my research to help policy making. I was a Data Science Consultant for the World Bank, working on human mobility data analytics for urban disaster risk management and transportation resilience modeling.

Please take a look at the Research page or Google Scholar for more.


  • [Data Challenge] 2024 July. We are hosting the second human mobility prediction data challenge with open data of 100K individuals across a 90-day period for 4 cities. For more details, check out the website!

  • [Grant] 2024 July. We received a grant from the NSF HDBE program to work on the project "Fostering Collective Disaster Resilience via Cross-city Learning of Post-disaster Mobility Dynamics and Collaborative Data Governance"!

  • [Paper] 2024 July. "Enhancing human mobility research with open and standardized datasets" is published in Nature Computational Science!

  • [Paper] 2024 April. "Open e-commerce 1.0, five years of crowdsourced US Amazon purchase histories with user demographics" is published in Scientific Data!

  • [Paper] 2024 April. "YJMob100K: City-scale and longitudinal dataset of anonymized human mobility trajectories" is published in Scientific Data!

  • [Paper] 2024 March. "Infrequent activities predict economic outcomes in major American cities" is published in Nature Cities!

  • [Paper] 2024 March. "Mobilkit: A Python Toolkit for Urban Resilience and Disaster Risk Management Analytics" is published in Journal of Open Source Software!

  • [Data Challenge] 2023 June. We are hosting a human mobility prediction data challenge with open data of 100K individuals across a 90-day period. For more details, check out the website!

  • [Media] 2023 April. Our paper published in Nature Communications is featured on MIT News!

  • [Blog] 2023 April. We wrote a 'Behind-the-paper' blog piece in Nature Blogs

  • [Presentations] 2023 May. I will give an online seminar talk at the ANET Seminar Series on May 5th 10AM EST. Sign up here!

  • [Paper] 2023 April. "Behavioral changes during the COVID-19 pandemic decreased income diversity of urban encounters" is published in Nature Communications!

  • [Paper] 2022 March. "Quantifying the spatial homogeneity of urban road networks via graph neural networks" is published in Nature Machine Intelligence!

  • [Paper] 2022 Feb. "Toward data-driven, dynamical complex systems approaches to disaster resilience" is now published in PNAS!

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